Here’s proof that Sorsogon solon Evelina Escudero is a great friend


We can tell how great a friend a person is by reading other people’s birthday wishes for them.

Take for instance this Facebook birthday greeting for Sorsogon Rep. Evelina Escudero, which came straight from the heart of Castilla, Sorsogon Mayor Joan Lorenzano-Aquende.

” Happiest birthday, Cong. Evie Escudero!!! May your birthday be filled with the warmth of Sunshine, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and happiness.

“May you have a wonderful day and beautiful surprises and memories the year ahead. God bless! – Joan and Castilla,” the lady mayor wrote.

With lovely wishes like that, we bet Nanay Evie has been a very awesome pal to Mayor Joan.