Katakot! Lagman tells why revival of Philippine Constabulary must be feared

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Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman on Tuesday shuddered at the thought of the possible return of the Philippine Constabulary (PC) under the Duterte administration.

So aghast was the veteran politiko he drew comparisons between the PC and a feared Nazi secret police that sowed terror in Europe during World War II.

“Many critics of the PC at that time said it was the Gestapo of the Martial Law regime,” Lagman said in a press conference Tuesday, September 27.

He said that the PC earned this reputation no thanks to its grim activities when former strongman Ferdinand Marcos was still in power.

“The PC was used by Marcos to implement the Martial Law policies. The PC was instrumentality which arrested, detained, tortured, forcibly disappeared the perceived enemies of the state during that time,” said Lagman, who is part of the House “legitimate” Minority.

The current Philippine National Police (PNP) resulted from the merger of the PC and Integrated National Police to form the PNP back in 1991.